Options–Implied Analytics

We are an alternative data and analytics provider focused on options–implied analytics.

About Us

We enjoy wrangling data and crunching numbers so you don't have to.

  • Data and Analytics available all in one place so you can focus on Strategy Development
  • Option Returns Factor Models to enhance Risk Management
  • Custom Solutions for your data and/or portfolio needs

Knowledge is something that was meant to be shared and we provide insights to our clients and to the community via posting about our research findings.




We are always looking for synergies and chances to collaborate.

Since 1994, EDI, formerly known as Exchange Data International, has been helping the global financial community make informed decisions with high quality securities reference data, corporate actions and end of day pricing services.

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We at NewMark Risk have garnered experience across the financial and technology sectors where data requires alot of initial work to scrub and prepare prior to being able to begin analyses to draw meaningful insights. We strive to provide our clients with alternative data and options derived analytics not currently provided anywhere else with unmatched accuracy and quality.

Nicholas Pezolano

CEO & Co-Founder

Experience in technology and Financial Engineering at Allianz, Axioma, MSCI and JPMorgan.

Frank Ferstler

COO & Co-Founder

Experience in Market Risk, Credit Risk and Capital Management at Citi and UBS.

Jimmie Goode, PhD

Head of Quantitative Research

Worked for government contractors developing machine learning algorithms.


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New York City, NY 10005, USA